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Fitness Classes

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Healthy movement is movement that is compatible with the bodies design. Pilates exercises are taught as a movement method linked intelligently with purpose. It builds strength without bulk creating a sleek sculpted body.  Pilates develops body awareness, Promotes good posture, increases flexibility, and improves range of motion.

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Yoga is a sacred tradition that started in India thousands of years ago with the intention to connect deeper to our consciousness.  You will combine breath with mindful movement to promote physical and mental well being to restore mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga is open to all body types, props and modifications are available for everyone to use. You will notice a difference in your flexibility with each practice.

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Aerial Yoga

Elevate your yoga practice with use of the aerial silk hammock! Limited to just five students per class, each practitioner will receive quality attention and assistance from the teacher.

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Yoga on the Ropes

Explore and learn traditional postures in a new way using the rope wall for a safe and effective practice. Each practitioner will receive quality attention and assistance from the teacher.

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  • Please arrive early. Class will start on time and has no late attendance.
  • Take off all jewelry in advance
  • It’s best to wear comfortable clothing
  • No experience is necessary


Private training is offered in three ways:

  • Personal sessions have 1 client per session.  The entire workout is dedicated to your personal goals.
  • Duet sessions are great for couples or partner yoga.  It's a good way to stay fit and bond.
  • Small Group Intensives are perfect for those on a budget but still want individual attention. Get a few friends together and we can customize the intensive to the group's goals. 3-6 people per intensive.  Intensives include 6 classes in a 6 week period.
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