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\\ verve 360 history

Pittsburgh is one of America's oldest cities with a rich tradition of architecture, innovation and business. Opened on Pittsburgh's historic 6th street in 2008, Verve Wellness has reinvented a classic Pittsburgh structure and established itself as a solution to modern needs. The photo to the left shows historic 6th street in approximately 1910. Note the horse-drawn carriages and the 6th street bridge in the background. The photographed bridge existed until the current version replaced it in the 1920's. Verve HQ is pictured to the left but the renovated building looks very different today.

\\ 1919

By 1919 the WWI troops were being welcomed home and Verve HQ had gotten a face lift. A Story had been added, the facade had been unified and the building began to look much like it does today.

\\ 1962

By 1962, the building had become a deli and well known for it's corned beef. Half of today's existing parking garage had been built and the street car continued to operate above ground along with all the usual street traffic.

\\ today

Today, Verve is working to make a wonderful new business in a very classic Pittsburgh way. Inside and out, Verve has transformed this historic structure into a vibrant new destination for wellness and beauty. Verve currently offers daily Pilates and Yoga classes as well as massage therapy and skin care services in the privacy of our classic third floor. The first floor is devoted to beauty with our full service hair and nail salon. Verve is Pittsburgh's only complete wellness destination and a convenient walk from any location in the golden triangle.