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Nail services are provided by licensed specialists who adhere to strict hygiene & sanitation methods

\\ pedicures

More than just polish, a pedicure is a treatment for the skin, cuticles, nails and calluses on the feet. While we love the cosmetic result, a pedicure is maintaining more than polish. Maintain your feet and keep them looking and feeling their very best with one of our relaxing pedicures.

Spa Pedicure $55

Pamper your soles! This service begins with a warm, relaxing antibacterial foot soak. Nails are trimmed, filed and smoothed; cuticles are groomed. Dry and excess skin is then buffed and softened with a sugar scrub. Next, enjoy a soothing foot and leg massage with a deep moisturizing masque.  Finish with a 4-step polish process with Zoya natural nail polish.

Xpress Pedicure $35

The miniature version of our Spa Pedicure. Nails are trimmed, filed and smoothed; cuticles are groomed. Finish with a 4-step polish process with Zoya natural polish. The perfect service when you're on the go!

Gentleman's Pedicure $50

Start with an antibacterial soak. Nails are trimmed, cleaned and shaped. Includes an exfoliating scrub and a relaxing massage with our therapeutic Qtica moisture lotion that leaves legs and feet feeling soft and conditioned.


Spa Manicure $34

Your hands and nails will thank you after this treatment. Start with a gentle, cleansing and revitalizing antibacterial soak and a Yonka Phyto Bain bath oil soak followed by a conditioning cuticle treatment that includes push back and moisturizing. Nails are shaped and buffed. Hands are massaged with an ultra-hydrating therapeutic Qtica lotion followed by a paraffin wax. Nails are then cleaned, finished and polished with either nail strengthener or a 4-step polish process with Zoya natural polish.

Xpress Manicure $24

An abbreviated version of our Spa Manicure, this service is perfect for the person on the go-whether you're headed back to work or off to Happy Hour!  Includes nail clipping, shaping and buffing. Attention is paid to the cuticles.  Finish with either nail strengthener or a 4-step polish process with Zoya natural nail polish.

Polish Change $14

For anyone who receives manicures on a regular basis and needs to reapply a current color or try something new! Polished is removed and nails are polished with our 4-step Zoya natural polish process.

Gentleman's Manicure $30

Hands are groomed with a nail trim, cuticle and massage treatment with therapeutic Qtica moisturizing lotion . Nails are buffed for a clean finish and a natural shine.

Paraffin Treatment $10

This soothing and rejuvenating treatment is recommended for anyone with dry and dehydrated skin. Your hands will be dipped into warm Paraffin wax to seal in moisture and soothe dry skin, leaving your hands soft and conditioned. This treatment is also accompanied by Verve's very own Yonka Phyto Bain Hot Towel Compress.

\\ Gel Nails

manicure $45 \\ pedicure $65

You use your hands for so many things everyday - working on the computer, cleaning your house, taking care of your family- and often your nails suffer. Natural nails can be extremely hard to maintain, but there is a solution! A Gelish manicure!You won't even know you are wearing gels. Gelish polishes on similar to nail lacquer, but the application method is odorless and the product is virtually weightless. Perfect for busy women, extended vacations and any occasion that demands long-lasting color, our Gelish Manicure will give you color that lasts up to 2 weeks! Ideal for fingers and toes!

\\ Dip Nails

Natural Application $50 \\ With Tips $60

A better way of getting an acrylic look without all of the damage to your nails, this technique can be applied to your natural nails or you can have some fun and dip with a tip! Dip nails last anywhere from 2-4 weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow and how hard you are on your nails.

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