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Verve Wellness customers receive attention, life altering instruction and an old world feel while enveloped in our relaxing surroundings. Stop by and unwind with a Pilates or Yoga class, or find complete relaxation with our Massage Therapy and Skin Care.

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Verve Salon Services provide customers with the pampering they deserve. Our world class manicures and pedicures are some of the best in Pittsburgh and our Hair Stylists provide excellent care and precision to give you the cut or style of your dreams.

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\\ When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to allow for parking, check-in, time to change and session prep. Late check-ins may determine the length of your treatment. If you are late, your service will still end as scheduled so that our next guest may begin on time.

\\ What happens if I do not show up for an appointment?

We reserve the right to charge the full amount of any/all treatments for appointments not canceled 24 hours in advance.

\\ What if I feel uncomfortable during a massage?

Your feedback is important to us. Please communicate with your massage therapist at any time regarding pressure or technique. This is your treatment and we want you to enjoy it.

\\ How old do I have to be for treatments?

Verve guests must be 16 years of age. Minors having treatments must be accompanied by a parent at check-in and will be assigned a therapist of the same gender.

\\ What should I wear?

Most guests disrobe entirely for spa treatments. Our massage and skin care therapists are trained to appropriately drape you with sheets and towels for privacy. However, undergarments may be worn if it increases your comfort level. We provide a robe for all treatments. For Yoga and Pilates we suggest that you wear proper fitness attire.

\\ Do you have lockers?

Cubbies placed in strategic areas are provided for your personal belonging. We regret, that we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items. Please do not wear jewelry to the spa.

\\ Can I request a female massage therapist?

You may request any gender that you may prefer and we will accommodate your request to the best of our ability based on the available staff on hand at your desired day and time of service. All therapists are trained professionals who will properly drape you throughout your treatment.

\\ What if I am pregnant?

If pregnant, avoid treatments using deep pressure, such as our Hot Stone Massage and our wraps. Please, inform our Spa Concierge when making your reservation so that we may provide specially trained therapists and pregnancy pillows for support and comfort. We recommend having a script from your doctor for treatment approval.

\\ Are cell phones prohibited?

To respect a peaceful experience for everyone, the use of cell phones is not permitted inside Verve treatment rooms.

\\ Where can I park?

Parking is available in the same block at the 6th street parking garage in Downtown Pittsburgh. Parking ranges from $3 - $10 depending on how long you spend with us.

\\ What type of payments do you accept?

Cash, personal and business checks, credit cards, ATM, and EFT are accepted. HSA and health insurance coverage also apply in some instances.

\\ How do I start taking Pilates or Yoga with Verve?

It is recommended that you give us a call at 412-471-1575 to schedule a convenient time to stop in and have a 30 minute introductory session. Our class takers typically purchase classes in 1 of 2 ways:

1. Students who are interested in making Pilates or Yoga a regular part of their week generally purchase an unlimited monthly pass for classes. The pass entitles you to take unlimited classes with Verve all month long. The cost of the pass is $89 per month (with a 12 month contract).

2. Students that wish to simply come to an occasional class typically purchase class coupons. Verve currently offers a book of 5 classes for $80 or 10 classes for $150.

\\ Do you offer Packages in addition to your class offerings?

Absolutely! We currently offer a skin care and massage membership to go along with all of our wonderful class options. The skin care package entitles you to 1 full facial each month for a special discounted price of $89!!

If Massage is your thing, our massage membership entitles you to 1 full body massage of your choice (swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, athletic) each month for the same price of $89.

\\ Do you offer Brazilian Waxing?

Yes We Do!

\\ How long does a Brazilian Wax take?

The first time, you should allow 45 - 60 minutes. Each time after that, you should allow about 30 minutes.

\\ Can I hold a spa day or book a private party for friends?

We have a fantastic location for parties. We've worked with many groups including wedding parties, bachelorette parties or spa days with the girls for a special relaxing day on the town. We are BYOB and we're located in the same building as Olive or Twist so ordering up food is a snap!!

\\ Are you able to provide hair and make-up services for my wedding?

Yes!! We are well staffed to provide wedding make up and hair styling. We can take care of you here at Verve or take it on the road to a location of your choice. Most brides stop in pre-wedding for a make up and hair trial where we discuss the details, and determine your exact needs.