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\\ Dakota's Bridal Challenge

My name is Dakota Klingensmith and I am a hairstylist here at Verve 360. Although some of you know me by my colorful hair and my big smile when you walk through the door, some of you may not know that I'm (finally) getting married in October!

Countdown to the "I Do" is eight months now, which means I have a ton of things on my mind. As with all brides-to-be, I would love to walk down the aisle on my wedding day a beautiful, healthy, glowing bride. With that in mind, Verve 360 has everything I need to get me ready for the wedding.
A little bit of backstory, so that we can all be familiar now...I have PCOS and Endometriosis. They are both autoimmune diseases that affect women across the world, and both are incurable. They cause everything from hormonal fluctuations to hair loss, diabetes, bloating, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, infertility, depression, and most frustratingly, weight gain. I have seen thirteen doctors in the last five years, had surgery to attempt to alleviate some of the pain, have gone through multiple types of hormone therapy, and have recently turned to more of a diet-centered way of controlling some of these issues.
I have to avoid soy (a hormone disruptor), dairy (also a hormone disruptor), gluten, anything carb heavy, sugar, starch and caffeine. All of these foods cause inflammation and are extremely detrimental to my insulin resistance. 
With this being said, over the next eight months, I will be in the hands of our wonderful staff here at Verve 360. With their help, I hope to transform myself and alleviate some of the symptoms caused by these diseases just in time for my wedding! They are going to help me tone, trim, improve and control everything so that I am absolutely flawless, glowing, and healthy for the wedding day. 
We will be documenting everything we do and uploading regular videos on our YouTube channel. I will keep a daily journal and we will update weekly on our progress. Follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to keep up with the journey and stay tuned for some before/during/and after photos.

\\ The Plan

Mona Statmore, Manager of Studio Programming at Verve 360, is excited to help me structure a fitness regimen as part of my bridal makeover. Being a one-stop beauty and wellness facility, it makes perfect sense for me to take advantage of what we offer onsite. We have 23 classes per week taught by certified professionals who walk-the-walk and make fitness a priority in their own lives. Mona is not only prepared to help propose, structure and personalize a fitness plan for me, but can model how to balance a lifestyle committed to fitness, personal and professional pursuits.

Mona established a 5 hour a week gentle exercise plan as a good place to start, whether it is attending one of our Yoga or Pilates classes, training one-on-one with a staff member, or going for a short run from home. In addition to the 5 hours per week committed exercise time, she has proposed that I perform modified push-ups daily, a series of 8 -16, on my own. Push-ups are the ideal way for women in particular to activate their arms, strengthen their backs and shoulder girdles and kick in their core. You need little space and no equipment, so there should be no excuse! 
Tricia Rupinski is a hairstylist and esthetician at Verve 360 and will be helping me with body wraps. What's a body wrap you ask? It's a treatment that helps tone specific areas, but also allows your body to get rid of unwanted toxins. The wrap we will be using will be our Phyto-Marine body wrap by Yon-Ka. She suggested we do this treatmentevery other week, up to my wedding, for the ultimate results. 
Dr. Bob Rose is the laser therapist at Verve 360. Working with lasers to help reduce areas of cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins, or any other unsightly marks on the body is a great way to help anybody, including brides like me, feel their best on their wedding day.
Sam and Casey will be doing a series of facials leading up to the wedding to get my skin looking and feeling fantastic. The skin is a palette for makeup and you need a clean palette to have flawless makeup.